'This Jazz Man' Book Box

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'This Jazz Man' Book Box

Book Description: In this toe-tapping jazz tribute, the traditional "This Old Man" gets a swinging makeover, and some of the era's best musicians take center stage.

This Books Alive! For Kids® Book Box is a complete program, which includes:

  • 1 This Jazz Man Book
  • 1 Study Guide to outline the program
  • 1 Fact Sheet for the classroom
  • 1 set of Vocabulary Learning Strips
  • Extended Activities options in the Study Guide
  • DVD (for schools located outside of Cincinnati)
  • Access to our Online Resource Center

Craft Materials included:

  • 24 (11''x17'') "Instruments" printouts
  • 100 sheets of assorted, patterned paper 

Additional materials you will need:

* Glue/glue sticks

* DVD Player (outside of the Greater Cincinnati Area)

* Scissors (optional)

* Black markers (optional)

 Enhance Your Experience! Each Books Alive! for Kids® product includes access to our free Online Resource Center, which contains multi-sensory supplementary materials. Click here to take a look: http://learningthroughart.com/resource-center/